Holistica's Siganture Facials

Holistica's Signature Facials

Holistica products are formulated with the highest quality natural extracts, enzymes, vitamins and substances derived from flora, plants, fish, minerals as well as trace elements, essential oils, aromatherapy oils and homeopathic substances. Using Holistica natural product line, my facial treatments are personalized and tailored to your skin needs. Down to Earth Skincare is proud to provide you with a Holistic homeopathic based skin care line.

Down to Earth Skincare invites you to experience the future of the skin care industry!

Executive Facial

This facial is great for all skin types. Immediate results to transform and maintain your skin. Products used will be tailored to your skin type to give you Ph balanced, revitalized, and nourished skin. Feel Uplifted!

$72.00/45 mins

Nourishing Facial

This facial consists of a powder mask and a cream mask that is repairing and rejuvenating. It activates cell restoration to create a youthful new look. Pure food for aging skin, dry, dehydrated, asphyxic skin caused by indoor heating or the elements. Feel refreshed!

$112.00/75 mins

Dermatician Magic Facial

Magic at your finger tips! This facial includes a powder mask as well as a cream mask, extractions and a relaxing hand and foot massage!
Great for hydrating, soothing, desincrustant, balancing, and tightening.

$127.00/90 mins

Zit Zapper

Great for oily, acneic, blemished skin. This facial is disinfecting, decongesting, and encourages faster healing. No peels are recommended for this treatment.

$92.00/60 mins


From your eyes to your hands and everything in between, our add-on treatments will have you looking and feeling your best!

Clock Stop Mask

An amazing eye treatment to put a twinkle in your eye!  Reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles and restores radiance.


Hand Treatment

A invigorating papaya scrub, followed by a relaxing hand massage using an all over organic skin moisturizer that delivers instant moisture.  Your hands will never be the same.

$20.00 - $40.00

Lip Treatment

Make your lips irresistible! You will be exfoliated with a papaya scrub then a wonderful hydrating mask followed by my amazing lip fix balm.  Your lips will be smoother than ever!


Mini Peps

Mini Peps

Papaya Mini-Peps

Skin is cleanesd, toned, shocked (using collagen and biological toners). It is very invigorating, and tonifying. It prepares the skin for a refreshing exfoliating facial scrub which is full of enzymes and then finished with a nourishing cream.

For all skin types - $30.00

Blemix Exfoliating Scrub Mini-Pep

Skin is cleansed, toned, and shocked followed by an antiviral, antiseptic scrub to rid skin of dead cells and leave skin renewed youthful and breathing. Finished with a moisturizer for skin type.


Collagen Filled Quick Fix Treatment

Skin is cleansed, toned, and shocked. Collagen quick lift gel is applied to rejuvenate and deeply lubricate your skin giving you a toned younger looking skin instantly.


Triple Amino Gel Mini-Pep

Skin is cleansed, toned, and shocked . This amino acid filled skin therapy lubricates, hydrates and is regenerating. This is the ultimate in call restoration for mineral depleted, exhausted, abused and tired skin.


Holistica Peels

Holistica Peels

Remarkable Results in just 1 Treatment! Our organic Botanical Natural Herb Peelings will change your skin and your life! Your skin will look rejuvenated, renewed and alive!

Profile Rejuv Peel #3

Dare to change your face in one treatment. A non-surgical face lift, the ultimate in enzyme action. Removes 5-9 layers of dead cells.  It oxygenates, regenerates, and lubricates.  This incredible peel is highly hydrating, firming, lifting and gives tired abused, stressed, demineralized and pigmented skin a new, healthy youthful glow.  Successfully reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks and is superb for acne and for large pores. Great for all skin types and ages!

1 Treatment - $135.00 (recommended a series of 4 treatments once a week - $440, saving $100!)

Desquaderm Peel

Excellent for blotchy, scarred, dull pigmented and stressed skin. Removes up to 12 layers of dead cells and 1 layer of living cells. This product encourages new healthier cellular growth and will improve the look and feel of the skin. Great for uneven and pigmented skin! Not recommend for those with very sensitive skin, extremely blemished skin and not for those who have acne.

1 Treatment - $145.00 (recommended a series of 4 treatments - $480, saving $100)

Biological Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme Peel

This amazing peel is a combination of fruit and enzymes. It removes up to 10 layers of dead skin cells and is good for every skin type, except acneic and A.H.A. users. It's particularly good for young skin. This naturally active and balancing enzyme helps to achieve oxygenation, lubrication and reduction in pore size. 

1-Treatment - $135.00 (recommened series of 4 treatments - $440, saving $100!)


Our finest and most effective gentle and mild peeling. This exfoliating gel, which includes the healing plant of Centella Asiatica and Tena Flora, does a remarkable job of smoothing and invigorating the skin. Its extremely hydrating, soothing, balancing and tightening. Immediate results! When used iin conjunction with a facial, results are dramtically  improved.

1 Treatment - $65.00 (add to any facial for an extra charge of $25.00)

Body & Face Waxing

Body & Face Waxing

The wax we use is made with hightest quality of ingredients, to make your waxing experience as comfortable as possible. It is very gentle and does not irritate the skin like other waxes can. I use two different kinds of hard wax (no strip). The Pina Colada wax is 100% compostable and biodegradable, so it's environmentally friendly, its creamy and luxurious, works miracles on fine facial hair and brazilians too. The Pumpkin Pie hard wax is perfect for coarse, thick and dense hair.

I start every waxing service by cleansing the area to be waxed with a hygienic cooling solution that gently removes any traces of oils, makeup and bacteria and prevents cross contamination. I conclude every waxing service with Wonder whip. It's a 100% organic and protects and hydrates the skin and helps treat ingrowns making skin soft and supple.

Please be advised:
Some medications and health issues may make waxing uncomfortable and unadvisable. If you are using products such as , but not limitied to Retin-A, Renova, Adapelene, Retinol, Hydroxylacid, please be advised that you may not be a viable waxing candidate. If you are using Accutane or have been off this medication for less than 4 years, you may not be a viable waxing candidate.

  • Eye Brows

  • Lip

  • Chin

  • Half Arm

  • Full Arm

  • Underarm

  • Back

    $50 & Up
  • Bikini

  • Brazilian

  • Lower Leg

  • Upper Leg

  • Full Leg


Men's Waxing

  • Full Leg

  • Upper Leg

  • Back & Shoulder

  • Chest & Stomach

  • Chest

  • Lower Back

  • Full Arm

  • Half Arm